7 days every Pee & Shit AsiaTrip (Part 2)   [UltraHD/2K]
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7 days every Pee & Shit AsiaTrip (Part 2) [UltraHD/2K]

7 days every Pee & Shit AsiaTrip (Part 2) with VeganLinda [UltraHD/2K]

(PART 2 of 2) Two Vids from this Toilet-Flat are already published here, the one on the hotel floor, and also another one called “typical asiatic toilet”, so if you wanna have a look first how I’m filming, you can choose first this single Vids. Here I uploaded 52 Clips from this week, I was filming in Indonesia & Thailand, every single toilet. Pee & Shit. A lot of Outdoor filming. And one Shit-Pee-Smearing Video is in it as well, on the cliffs of Koh Tao. I hope you will enjoy the week as I did. In some Vids I’m talking German… but actually you don’t need to understand my words

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Date: June 20, 2020