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VRXS-278 Obligation To Complete Eating Poop


[VRXS-278] Compulsory Coprophagia Camp Inmates Treatment Rules Article 9 Obligation To Complete Eating Poop

An internment camp where female guards are forced to ingest feces and urine. A prisoner held captive by a human rights fundamentalist group for some reason. Piss is given for hydration and poop is given for meals. The prisoner who is puzzled at first gets excited by the smelly asshole of the female prison guard. If you want to get an erection while drinking urine or eating feces, ejaculate with a forced handjob without pleasure. If you go against the rules, you will be punished for violence, kicking money, drinking urine continuously, and eating feces continuously! You can't escape from the fierce scatology lynching!

Cast:Sakura Yamayoi

Date: September 15, 2022

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