Dirty Babysitter Shits On Crybaby!
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Dirty Babysitter Shits On Crybaby!

Dirty Babysitter Shits On Crybaby! Doll Fetish with janet [FullHD / 2020]

I am a babysitter of your babydoll. Today I am alone at the forest with your baby and I’m babysitting the bad little baby again. She starts to capricious and cry and enrage me off really bad! At first I tried to calm her and began to beat her with a whip, a toy dick and fists. I wiped dirty shoes on her. But she continued to cry louder and louder.Then I put her on the ground and squat over her and begin to piss in her mouth. After that I have to shit bad so I punish the bad baby with the biggest load of smelly shit all over her face and head! She is struggling to breathe and I don’t care! I make fun of her! So, proper parenting plays an important role in the development of your babe.

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Date: March 24, 2020