SL-612 Shameful Poop in Travel Car Trip PART-6
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SL-612 Shameful Poop in Travel Car Trip PART-6

SL-612 Shameful poop in front of girlfriends during travel car trip.

“Yes, let’s go to the trip, I thought to myself, but it was a lucky day”. A group of girls traveling by car, relying on Vitality. Enjoy the extraordinary feeling of traveling and savor the delicious local food. I headed home feeling both satisfied and hungry… So far everything was going well, but I felt a strange movement in my lower abdomen, probably due to overeating. Fate is an ironic thing, and there is an ominous atmosphere on the road… It seems like I got stuck in a traffic jam at the worst possible time. There’s a point in not tweeting. I have to hold out until the next stop… I try to avoid ruining the fun atmosphere by smiling twitchingly at my friends. However, contrary to the car not moving forward, the urge to defecate goes one way to the secret hole. Inside the panties, the poop has reached its limit, and the poop is about to jump out… Beyond the limit, I finally reach the limit, “I’m sorry, everyone…” I feel everyone’s cold stares, and almost cry, I pull out the poop and put it inside the closed space. It was filled with the smell of indescribable shit…

Date: April 20, 2024