SL-591 Sudden Defecation Visit PART-6
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SL-591 Sudden Defecation Visit PART-6

SL-591 An acquaintance’s home disturbed by sudden defecation visit.

Women walking down the street. It seems that I was attacked by a sudden defecation urge.. It seems that the limit is near.. A woman is found. Chase. The woman was in a cold sweat and desperately searched for a toilet, but she couldn’t find one at all. Surprised at the sudden visit, “Because I was passing by! I thought you were fine!” Amidst the awkwardness of an encounter and a fierce defecation urge, there are those who run into the bathroom and throw feces along with their farts, those who start leaking their farts in front of their friends, and those who lose their minds and leak their shit because of the urge to defecate. Agony, relief, shame, tragedy, and all sorts of emotions are mixed into Bakushi, and we will deliver this work to you.

Date: September 2, 2023